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All puppies should be given the best start possible to develop into confident, intelligent and happy dogs.  From Days 3 - 16 with early neurological stimulation and scent introduction, to week 8 when they are headed to new homes, Wildwing puppies receive countless hours of  sensory stimulation.  We carefully observe and take notes on each puppy as they grow, and then do comprehensive testing to determine which puppy will fit best with each family.  Even though they go to new families, they remember the imprint of "Here puppy puppy puppy!" and when I'm lucky enough to see them when they're older, they have an extra gear of happy wiggles when they see me.  Each puppy takes a piece of my heart with them, and in my mind, they will always  be my babies!

Prairie ( Maverick x Mya)at 8 weeks...a must see!

Maverick x Mya "Weather Kids"

Weather Kids 2.5 weeks 

Weather Kids 5.5 weeks 

Superhero and Weather 6 weeks 

Trip x Kicker  "Superheroes"

Superheroes First Time New Digs 

Superheroes First Time Outside 

Superheroes and Weather Kids In Playground 5+ weeks 

Trip x Kicker "Construction Crew"

Construction Crew  3 weeks 3 days 

Construction Crew Playing 7 weeks 

Construction CrewMore Play 7 weeks 

Deveron x Trek "River Litter"

River Kids 3 weeks 

River Kids Enjoying "School" 

River Kids With Trek 7 weeks 

River Kids 8 weeks 


Fridge x Glow "Dixie Litter"
Fun in the playground

First Woods Walk 5.5 weeks

Before bed play 6 weeks
The chase! 8 weeks

Scarlet with quail 8 weeks

Kaze x Trek "Color Litter"

Starting to Explore at 3 weeks

3.5 Weeks

Valentine and Color Litters Outside

Dare x Glow  "Valentine Litter"

Gettin' Around 3 weeks

3 weeks

Dare x Gracie "Disney Litter"
Disney Litter With Momma Grace 5 Weeks

Disney Litter Playground Part One

Disney Litter Playground Part Two
Disney Litter First Woods Walk 6 Weeks

Copper x Gracie "Bible Litter"
Gracie Last Supper

Junia with pigeon

Playing outside Memorial Day

John with pigeon

First walk outside

Triple x Trek  "Frozen Four"
4 weeks

With Bird

6 weeks

Freeze x Gracie "Jewel Litter"
2 weeks  

3 weeks

4.5 Weeks

5 Weeks in the playground

5.5 Weeks Gracie Teaching pups
5.5 Weeks Jewel Litter Dessert on Momma

Freeze x Kota "Grand" Litter
First Day Outside

Morning Fun

First Woods Walk
Playground Play 6 weeks

Trek With Pups Outside

Reno x Kota "Earth Day" Litter
First Day in Playground 5 wks

First Woods Walk 6 wks
First Mallard
Morning Playtime
Woods Walk 2
Catch Me If You Can


Nothing like the love and adoration from a multiply that by 19!  Great start to the day!

Nothing like the love and adoration from a multiply that by 19!  Great start to the day!