About Us


Here at Wildwing we work hard to balance all the factors that go into breeding quality Goldens.  Good temperament, health and longevity, working ability, sound structure along with good looks, all play a part in each litter we plan.  We only breed one or two litters/year, and are dedicated to socializing the puppies and giving them 

the best start possible.


No matter the season, puppies have plenty of time for outside play and introduction to the older dogs.  Socialization and play in our "puppy playground" ensure the puppies have a solid foundation 

of sensory stimulation.


"Primarily a hunting dog." (Quote from the GRCA breed standard.)

We pride ourselves on the versatility of our dogs, finding success in hunt tests, obedience, agility, and tracking.  But first and foremost our dogs are hunting dogs.  Whether for competition or your best hunting buddy, Wildwing dogs will fill the need.  We personally hunt our dogs extensively from Wisconsin to the Dakotas to Saskatchewan, both for upland game and waterfowl.

Contact Us

Please call or email for more information on upcoming litters.  We like to get to know prospective families so we can be sure of placing a "right fit" puppy.

Wildwing Goldens

6 - 29 1/2 Ave. Cumberland, WI 54829, US

(715) 558-1105