Trip x Kicker

SHR Emeline's A Trip to Remember CDX SH WCX CCA "TRIP"


This is what Susan Kluesner, Trip's owner, has written about him.


I named Trip well because he has turned out to be a trip to remember to train and show. Bred by Mary Hilderbrandt in Hilton, NY, Trip has a unique pedigree. His famous sire, who was born in 1988, was handsome and naturally talented in the field. Trip’s dam and grand dams are all multi-talented at the highest levels (MACH, UDX, MH, QAA). Trip is like his sire and dam. He has lots of natural field talent and a very, very high level of trainability and focus. Even as an eight-week-old puppy, Trip would sit for long periods of time and watch complicated, advanced field set ups. He is the most focused, naturally talented dog I have ever trained. Currently, we are getting ready to show for our UD while at the same time training for our MH and field trials. Trip earned his JH and SH in back-to-back hunt tests.  I have run Trip in several informal field trials in the puppy, derby and hunter stakes. He has always placed or jammed and won one derby stake. Trip also earned his BN, CD and CDX in back-to-back obedience trials with high scores and two HITS.

Trip also has correct structure and a sweet (also sometimes silly) temperament. 

Wildwing Paws 4 The Little Kicker CCA, WCX "KICKER"


Kicker is an explosive retriever who lives for field work.  But as intense as she is in the field, she has an equally sweet and soft side at home.  She is currently training for her MH, and should be ready to compete at that level next summer.  Weighing in at 60Lbs, Kicker is a beautiful combination of field and show lines.  She received excellent scores from seasoned judges at her CCA, even garnering special comment by Marcia Schlehr that "she has a very correct coat and the best I've seen in a long time."  With a 'love to work' attitude, Kicker gives 100% at whatever I ask from her.

Kicker blessed us with 9 beautiful puppies on Nov. 9. All puppies from this litter are spoken for.


Very "type to type", Trip x Kicker puppies will be able to play any game from field to obedience to agility and beyond.   All puppies from this litter are spoken for.        Litter pedigree: