Zaniri Journey to Wildwing USA MH WCX CCA "Trek"


Trek (Zaniri Journey to Wildwing USA MH,WCX,CCA) is our first Canadian addition to the Wildwing family.  She comes to us from Zaniri Goldens in Surrey, British Columbia with tremendous talent, a sweet temperament, and a fabulous work ethic.  

Two time Master National Qualifier, with over 25 master hunter passes behind her, she has grabbed the attention of judges and gallery, receiving compliments on her drive, intensity and pure love for retrieving.  She easily transitions from the hunt test competitions to top hunting partner and has had hundreds of duck retrieves in North Dakota and Wisconsin. Trek's passion is tempered with a humorous side and she keeps my husband and I, as well as the other dogs, on their toes with her antics.  Magically, she will turn all that off when she comes into the house, happy to be a respectful family member.  Trek has been a wonderful momma to three litters of highly talented working/family dogs and has been awarded the GRCA's coveted title of "Total Golden".