Maverick x Mya - all puppies are sold

Brassfire's Cowboy Casanova CDX MH WCX CCA


"Maverick" has produced Master, Senior and Junior Hunters, as well as titled dogs competing in obedience and agility.   Son of FC AFC Topbrass No Time to Paws MH CCA WC OS FDHF "Flash", with 6 FC/AFC in first 3 generations, Maverick boasts a pedigree second to none.  Beautiful to look at, a friendly reliable temperament, with a strong work ethic in the field, Maverick represents the essence of the Golden Retriever.  This is what his owner, Beth Gerdes, has written about Mav:

 "Maverick earned his Master Hunter title at the West Allis hunt test on July 23, 2016 at 27 months of age. Maverick is a willing participant no matter what I ask of him. Even as an amateur handler and through all the mistakes I make, he tries his best every time. He has a tremendous eagerness to please which is how we have come so far so fast. Maverick is athletic, well-muscled, and extremely intelligent with a very pleasant head and expression. He has tons of drive and desire but is very biddable. His desire to please is what makes him such a pleasure to train. Maverick received his CCA at the 2018 GRCA National receiving many compliments. We ended the 2018 hunt test season with 25 master passes. We have begun the 2019 season picking up to additional master passes (total of 27). Our journey together has just begun. He has shown me there are no limits to where we can go. I look forward to competing with Maverick in obedience, hunt tests, and field, but most of all, I look forward to the years of love, admiration and loyalty that we have for each other. After all, it’s not about the destination…. It’s  about the ride."

Wildwing Mark Mya Birds


While Mya doesn't have any titles, she certainly has retrieved more than few birds!  Mya's coowner has hunted over her for waterfowl, pheasant, woodcock and partridge.  Mya loves it all!  Not only is she a rock star hunting machine, she's also at home anywhere she goes.  She gets to go everywhere with her coowner and is composed and calm in any situation.  Truly the definition of the on/off switch - calm and relaxed in the house with plenty of style and love for the retrieve.  Structurally a beautiful girl with a pleasant expression, Mya has nice angulation, beautiful head, dark pigment, and a carefree coat, all put together in 60# of athleticism.

Breeding has taken place and ultrasound confirmed puppies due 9/25/19.


Puppies from this breeding will advance our Wildwing vision of producing sound working dogs with impeccable temperaments, and maintain the beauty of what Goldens were meant to be!

Test Breeding: 



Hunting Mya

Hunting Mya

Steady Mya