Gunners Wingman MH WCX CCA VC "Mav"

 Maverick has been a dream come true and is my 'heart dog'.  While most people notice his good looks, it's his personality and desire to please that make him so special.  He typifies everything you could want in a Golden, displaying the same gentlemanly traits as his father and the 'old' Golden lines.  Mav is intelligent, biddable, and will make every effort to perform any task that's asked of him.  He'll talk to you with his eyes and connect with you through his heart.  He's exceptionally good natured with children as he weekly joins me in my 2nd grade classroom. 

When Mav is working, the intense side comes out and he eagerly comes to the line for a retrieve or happily follows commands in the obedience ring.  He is an excellent marker and a willing partner on blinds.  As the only Golden in a field of 30 labs, Mav won the 2009 Super Singles marking contest at the NFHRA spring fun match.  Water is not a problem for him and he's done 200+ yard water retrieves in November for a crippled goose or duck. He hunts for a large group of guys in North Dakota every fall and is often considered the finest duck dog they've had the pleasure of shooting over.  He's become so good, the hunters no longer have to watch for ducks...they just watch Mav.  His eyes are constantly searching the sky.  See the PHOTOS page for more pictures of Mav.

Mav finished his JH in four straight passes and his WC before turning 1 year old.  He then went on to earn his WCX in one try and finished up his CD with a score of 196.  He earned his Senior Hunter title in 4 straight passes during the summer of 2009.  After some quality training in June/July with Brian Hartfield of Webshire Kennels, Mav started the quest for his Master title.  He passed 5 out of 6 tests, far exceeding my expectations for the summer of 2010.  He has been incredibly consistent and received many compliments on his style, drive, confidence, willingness to work with me, and good looks from several different judges.  Thanks to Brian and Lisa Hartfield for their faith in Mav and patience with me.  We would never have reached this goal without their expertise, encouragement, and willingness to share their knowledge. 



Mav in ND - what a retrieve!  Nearly 500 yards.  As one of the hunters said.... "simply amazing!"