Wildwing Goldens

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Tidewater Givin Lite to Our World SH, WCX, CCA
Glow has come to us from Tidewater Goldens in Guelph, Ontario.  She brings a wonderful balance of performance and show lines to our program.  She is a happy go lucky girl who lives up to her name and brings a smile to our face every day.   Glow easily breezed through her Junior title and then earned the WCX at the Golden National Specialty, with excellent marking on her first triple retrieve.  She comes to the line composed and in control, but retrieves with intensity and eagerness.  Glow's work in the field is very promising and is progressing through advanced concepts in training.  Glow earned 2 SH passes before taking off a summer for puppies and most recently finished her SENIOR HUNTER title in 2015.  Making her first trip to North Dakota in 2016, Glow did a bang up job on the ducks and then traveled to South Dakota for late season pheasant hunting.  Not a bird goes missed when Glow is in the field.  She has produced talented puppies that are performing in multiple venues from field to service dogs. 

Glow at  2012 GRCA National Specialty

Glow's WCX at Nat'l Specialty

Glow hunting in North Dakota

Glow hunting in Wisconsin

Glow delivering to hand at 16 weeks.
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